Chrystal Evans Hurst

Chrystal Evans Hurst

Chrystal is a life-loving “girl-next-door” who encourages others to fulfill their potentials in Christ. With humor and vulnerability, Chrystal tells it like it is but does so with grace, integrity and love.
She is the best-selling author of “She’s Still There,” “ Kingdom Woman” and the newly-released “Show Up for Your Life.” Chrystal regularly shares encouragement via podcasts and blogs where she poignantly reflects on faith and speaks with frank honesty and practical wisdom about experiences that affect women every day. Chrystal firmly believes God’s promise in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the plans that I have for you…” and she desires to help other women believe and apply that truth to their lives. You can find Chrystal sharing chronicles of the journey at her site

Ryan and Laura Dobson
Rebel Parenting

Ryan Dobson
Ryan Dobson is leading a rebellion not for the faint of heart—one that fights for the hearts and souls of parents and families. Our culture has been tipped on its head over the past 20 years, and therefore the approach to helping families get healthy has to be profound. It was this mindset and understanding of culture that prompted Ryan and his wife, Laura, to found REBEL Parenting. Ryan has combined his natural abilities and passion for public speaking to significantly engage and challenge parents and families in every stage of life in a revolutionary way. It is this atmosphere of total honesty, grace, truth and love that the messiness of this life can find wholeness.

Ryan is no stranger to strengthening marriages and parents. He is a product of successful parenting, living a very public life as the son of America’s foremost family expert, author and radio broadcasting parenting specialist Dr. James Dobson. He launched his own radio broadcast with the purpose of “building passion and identity in Christ followers.” He then helped his dad found “Family Talk” and also served as the vice president of the broadcast. With that rich background, he left “Family Talk” to begin REBEL Parenting because “to impact a culture like ours, sometimes you have to start a REBELLION.” Why? Because marriage is hard, parenting is harder. The struggle is real. But, it’s always worth it. As Ryan has said, “The value of having a great marriage is beyond description. Being close with your kids, beyond comparison.”

Laura Dobson
“Don’t just sit there, do something” has been the narrative of Laura Dobson’s life. Tracing her history of doing the right things at the right time will encourage you to join with her newest endeavor. Her ministry experience and leadership began before she graduated from California State University, Northridge with a bachelor’s degree in public health administration. She was a leader and facilitator with Youth With A Mission for over 10 years. Through “Surfers for Missions International Outreach”, she led international surf missions in a number of countries including Portugal, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Morocco and the Netherlands. And as a board member and coach with GAP Youth Training, Laura embodies the ministry's heart and passion to empower, inspire and help people to impact their community.

Laura, along with her husband, Ryan, founded REBEL Parenting, an organization that speaks boldly to couples and parents covering "taboo" topics in a way rarely visited in Christian circles. Frederick Douglass said, “…the thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.” Her unique ministry experience, along with the seasons experienced by most couples—courtship, marriage, kids, school decisions—has given her particular insights, making huge differences in the landscape of relationships. Marriage and parenting in our world is in a state of chaos and in need of someone to lead the charge to stop the decline. Without apology, Laura and Ryan have decided to confront the issues destroying lives, speaking frankly and directly to bring healing. Laura is able to use her non-judgmental style to ask hard and awkward questions without condemning. Her vulnerability encourages and allows people to share core issues. Some have rightly described her as strong and yet gentle and gracious—qualities that have placed Laura at the leading edge of helping families to become whole and healthy.

John Erickson

John Erickson
Hank the Cowdog

John R. Erickson, a former cowboy and ranch manager, is gifted with a storyteller’s knack for spinning a yarn. Through the eyes of Hank the Cowdog, a smelly, smart-aleck head of ranch security, Erickson gives readers a glimpse of daily life on a ranch in the west Texas Panhandle. This series of books and audios is a favorite in schools and libraries across the country, has sold more than nine million copies, is a Book of the Month Club selection, and is the winner of an Audie Award for Outstanding Children’s Series from the Audio Publishers Association. Publishers Weekly calls Hank a “grassroots publishing phenomena” and USA Today says the series is “the best family entertainment in years.”

Hank the Cowdog made his debut in the pages of The Cattleman, a magazine for adults, and when Erickson started getting “Dear Hank” letters, he knew he was on to something. So, in 1983, he self-published 2,000 copies of “The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog,” and they sold out in six weeks.

When teachers began inviting Erickson to their schools, Hank found his most devoted fans. Teachers, librarians and students alike love Hank. The lively characters make excellent material for reading and writing lessons, and turn even the most reluctant readers into avid Hank-fans.

Erickson lives near Perryton, Texas, where he and his wife live today on their working cattle ranch. They have three grown children and four grandchildren. His advice to young writers is, “Write about something you know. Try to leave your readers better off than they were before.”

Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal

Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal

Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal are sisters, homeschool graduates, authors, speakers, popular YouTubers and founders of GirlDefined Ministries. They are passionate about homeschooling, as well as helping the next generation of Christian young women understand God’s design for their lives. Whether it’s identity issues, peer pressure, romance, sexuality, comparison, or something else, they love sharing God’s truth in a relevant and compelling way. They speak together and bring a young, fresh dynamic to events which always appeals to the next generation of homeschool families. To contact Kristen and Bethany directly, visit

Susan Seay
Mentor 4 Moms

Susan Seay is a mom of 7 that shares from her own parenting mistakes AND successes as an 18-year veteran homeschool mom. Her passion is to help families face the facts with the chaos in their lives so that they can overcome it, not be overwhelmed by it.

Cynthia Tobias

Woodlands Only

For over 30 years, Cynthia Ulrich Tobias has been teaching people of all ages how to discover and use their natural learning style and strengths to succeed in virtually any situation. She is a popular speaker whose insights, humor and practical strategies have encouraged and motivated educators, parents, business people and students to focus on their strengths to achieve success. With a special gift for understanding and bringing out the best in the strong-willed child, Cynthia has brought hope and life to countless families, but she remains humbled by the way God uses her message to make such a difference.

Cynthia has an impressive background that includes over 25 years of private practice, 8 years of teaching high school, and 6 years in law enforcement. She knows the importance of embracing the unique, useful and necessary traits of a strong-willed person. Cynthia’s insight and expertise have been recognized by parents, teachers and law enforcement professionals across the nation and around the globe.

Through personal stories and positive insight, Cynthia has taken a subject that many experts have studied and has applied her own learning style with amazing results. From her insight, the audience is able to recognize that many of the learning style traits in their children that are inconvenient or irritating are actually signs of their greatest potential. This passion for the potential of a strong-willed person is what motivates her to share the powerful message that will change the lives of many.

Kathi Lipp

Kathi Lipp
Kathi Lipp's Clutter Free Academy

Kathi Lipp is a former homeschooler who loves giving real help and how-tos with humor and wisdom to move people forward in every area of their lives. Kathi is the bestselling author of 17 books including “Clutter Free,” “The Get Yourself Organized Project,” “The Husband Project,” and “Overwhelmed.” She is the host of Clutter Free Academy podcast, runs the Facebook group called Clutter Free Academy, and speaks at conferences across the U.S.

She is featured on Focus on the Family, MOPS International,, Girlfriends in God and Proverbs 31 Ministries as well as a number of other media outlets around the country. She’s a featured expert on clutter for Women’s Day Magazine and has been named “Best of Broadcast” on Focus on the Family twice.

Zan Tyler

Zan Tyler

Zan Tyler is a respected author, consultant for BJU Press and the Home School Legal Defense Association, and is the founder of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS). She is also the former director of Apologia Press and derives deep joy from speaking to and encouraging parents around the globe.

Zan and Joe Tyler have been married for 32 years and successfully homeschooled each of their three children from kindergarten through high school. Most importantly, their children continue to love the Lord and remain very involved in each other’s lives.

Headshot of Frederic Gray

Frederic Gray
The Relationship Revolution

Woodlands Only

Frederic Gray is enthusiastic about helping and empowering families. He founded the Fathers of Faith and Daughters of Excellence Retreat and has spoken for homeschool groups, state and local conventions, family camps and retreats. As a marriage coach, Frederic teaches and supports couples through his Magnetic Marriage seminars. He seeks to help people create dynamic personal and family relationships with God as the center. Frederic and his wife Heather homeschool their six beautiful children.

Kevin and Emily Durham

Kevin and Emily Durham
This Is My Story

Kevin and Emily Durham are the founders of, This Is My Story, a ministry demonstrating the importance of others’ stories and how they point to the greater story of Jesus Christ. They share how God brought together an X-Games Gold Medalist and American Ninja Warrior and a small town kid from Texas to awaken new and excited “storytellers”, and show that “every story matters and is worthy of being discovered.”

Tim Lambert

Tim Lambert
Texas Home School Coalition

Tim Lambert, president of Texas Home School Coalition, the largest state advocacy organization for homeschool families in the country, has led the organization for almost 30 years. Tim has a B.A. in Political Science from Texas Tech University and has been politically active at the state and national levels, having represented Texas on the Republican National Committee for eight years.
Recognized as an authority on home education and parental rights, he regularly engages with government agencies such as the Texas Education Agency, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and the Social Security Administration in defense of homeschooling and parental rights.

Stephanie Lambert

Stephanie Lambert
Texas Home School Coalition

Stephanie Lambert was homeschooled before it was officially legal in Texas. Her parents had a vision for instilling strong values and providing quality education to their four children. Since graduating, she volunteered on President George W. Bush's campaign and served as staff for Texas Governor Rick Perry's campaign, among others.

Stephanie ultimately dedicated her life to serving Christ through her local church and through her work with the Texas Home School Coalition (THSC), the advocacy and support organization for Texas homeschoolers and families.

She has served as THSC’s director of events, director of development and now as executive director. She is passionate about empowering and encouraging parents to raise children who know Christ and who are prepared to be our nation’s next generation of leaders.

Jeremy Newman

Jeremy Newman
Texas Home School Coalition

Jeremy Newman served as a policy analyst for the 2013 THSC Watchmen and became THSC’s director of public policy the same year. A homeschool graduate, he moved to Texas from California at an early age and became involved as a homeschool student. The third of six children, Jeremy now lives with his wife Addi in Dallas. He teaches Lincoln-Douglas debate in the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA), a national homeschool speech and debate league.

Mary James
Smoothing the Way Ministries

Mary James lives in Austin, Texas, and she has been homeschooling her eight children since 1989. In 1999, she established Smoothing the Way, which is a non-profit organization that offers support, encouragement and mentoring to homeschooling parents. She also serves on the board of THSC.

David Swarbrick

David Swarbrick
One Day Academy

David currently teaches mathematics at the local community college and serves as the executive director of One Day Academy, an academic resource for homeschool families around Texas. David has degrees in engineering, mathematics and divinity, spending 15 years in vocational ministry and 12 years as college faculty. David and his wife Laura live in Austin. They have been married 35 years and are blessed with four adult sons and two granddaughters.

Hannah SelfHannah Self
One Day Academy

Hannah Self is a homeschool graduate. She loves pouring back into the community by teaching math at ODA in Bastrop and Columbus. She went to the University of Texas at Austin for a B.S. in Mathematics. In addition to teaching and writing math curriculum, she loves investing in her community by working with the youth girls at church. She lives in Columbus, Texas where she enjoys spending time with her 16-month old son, running, and reading.

Speaker Paul Hastings

Paul Hastings

Woodlands Only

Paul Hastings is a homeschool graduate, a serial entrepreneur, and an award-winning filmmaker. In 2013, Paul served as the Public Policy Director of the Texas Home School Coalition and launched the THSC Watchmen program which has shaped the course of home school freedoms in Texas for the last 7 years.

Paul is the host of "Compelled", a podcast telling unique stories of God's work in people's lives. Paul, his wife, and their children live near Austin, Texas.

Dawn Spence
SPED Homeschool

Woodlands Only

Dawn is a homeschool parent, a department coordinator of her local homeschool co-op, and a group facilitator. She has been married to her husband, David, for 13 years and has a son and twin daughters.

Before becoming a homeschooling mom, Dawn worked as both a mainstream and special education teacher for 10 years. She taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade for 7 years. Then, she was blessed to teach Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) and children with autism in an Academic and Behavior Learning Environment (ABLE) unit. This is a unique classroom that provides a highly structured classroom for those on the Autism Spectrum and those with developmental delays. She has written Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals both as a special education teacher and for her homeschooled daughter.

Upon the birth of her twin daughters, Dawn decided to leave teaching and stay home full-time. One of her daughters has sensory issues and has been diagnosed with multiple health and developmental delays. Because of these challenges, Dawn has learned how to adapt her curriculum to provide her daughter with a hands-on sensory approach that allows her to learn at her own pace.

Dawn served as a co-moderator of the THSC Special Needs Support Group for two years from July 2015-July 2017. She also helped to lead the special needs support break-out sessions at the 2016, 2017 & 2018 THSC Woodlands Conventions. Through the work Dawn has done for both THSC’s Special Needs Department and now through Special Education (SPED) Homeschool, she has been able to share from her special education classroom as well as homeschool experience, helping parents learn how to modify existing curriculum to adapt it to their child's specific needs. Her faith in God led her to this new journey and she gives Him all the glory. She feels He has equipped her to help her children and others with special needs. A blog post published by THSC, and written by Dawn under the pen-name Marie Prince, is titled, Should You Home School Your Special Needs Child?

Woody Robertson
Lumerit Unbound

Woody is a first generation homeschool graduate passionate about reaching the next generation. If you hang around Woody, you’re sure to hear words like, “live life to the fullest,” “purposeful living,” or “world-changer” and he’s helped young adults successfully navigate life decisions for years. An entrepreneur and visionary, Woody has been a principal player in several start-up companies. In 2004, he co-founded CollegePlus (now Lumerit Unbound) and earned his accredited BSBA in General Management in 18 months for under $10k from a State University! A frequent motivational speaker at conferences nationwide, Woody’s information-packed sessions are innovative and inspiring. Attend his sessions and be prepared to get knocked outside of your box! Characterized by a high level of energy and enthusiasm, Woody blends each session with motivating and practical information attendees can put immediately into practice.

As a member of the Lumerit Unbound team, Woody lives in San Antonio, TX with his wife Gina—the girl of his dreams!

Tom Clark
VideoText Interactive Homeschool Math

Woodlands Only

Thomas Clark, as a lifelong teacher of Mathematics, knows that everyone can understand math. He has developed programs that challenge traditional instruction, concentrating on the “why” of Mathematics. He has helped parents become more effective instructors and is a presenter at many homeschool conferences. His programs, “Algebra: A Complete Course”, and “Geometry: A Complete Course”, are available in hard copy, and online. He is the president of VideoText Interactive, specializing in bringing textbooks to life through technology.

Jean BurkJean Burk
College Prep Genius

Author Jean Burk is a homeschooling mother and creator of the revolutionary and award-winning College Prep Genius curriculum which has helped thousands of high school students prepare for the SAT & PSAT/NMSQT. As a homeschooling mom, Jean did not have the financial resources to send her children to college. When she discovered the SAT & PSAT were the keys to getting huge scholarships, she began researching the tests to understand how to prepare her children for them. She discovered that these tests could be taught! They weren’t IQ tests, but rather critical thinking exams. After both her children received full-ride scholarships, Jean began teaching these secrets to other students. Her program College Prep Genius is the culmination of more than a decade of research, classroom experience and SAT expertise. Her daughter also earned free grad school and her son earned free law school!

Melodie Erives

Melodie Erives
BJU Press Homeschool

Melodie graduated from Atlantic Christian College with a degree in special education for the hearing impaired. She taught in public and private schools for 13 years in various grades and special education disciplines. She and her husband Daniel started homeschooling their oldest child when he was four years old. Melodie graduated their son and continues to homeschool their other three children. She has homeschooled for 18 years and has 31 years of educational experience.

Jackie Schlegel

Jackie Schlegel
Texans for Vaccine Choice

Jackie Schlegel is first and foremost a homeschooling mom to three children—Ashlyn (18), Noah (15), and Grace (13). As a parent of a child with profound developmental disabilities, Jackie has become an expert at advocacy. It is her dedication to her children and her desire to ensure the best future for them which led to her current role as the executive director of Texans for Vaccine Choice.

Julie Marshall
Institute for Excellence in Writing

Julie Marshall is a certified IEW instructor and has been homeschooling her five children, ages 11-21, for 17 years. Having both girls and reluctant-to-write boys, she was grateful for IEW! She uses her science background to practice dental hygiene occasionally with her husband, who is a dentist. Julie has been active in leadership in her local co-op and now teaches several IEW classes there.

Conference Speaker - Alia QuintanillaAlia Quintanilla

Homeschool graduate Alia Quintanilla is a senior at Texas Women's University majoring in child development. Alia is a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron Honor Society, has been on the president's list every semester, and has completed field work at Collin College’s Child Development Center, the Virginia Gallian Child Development Center and the Therapy Spot in Denton. Alia enjoys helping her two younger sisters with math and watching their eyes light up when they “get it.”

Roger Wheelock
Greater Than I Ministries

Roger Wheelock is the president of Greater Than I Ministries, a non-profit corporation established for the purpose of providing creative biblical worldview teaching materials to Christian churches and homeschools in America. Roger is an ordained pastor, worship leader and songwriter with over 30 years of intimate experience in Christian leadership. His burning passion is to help Christian families not only survive in our increasingly secular society but to THRIVE in the midst of it.

Roger and Jan SmithRoger and Jan Smith
Homeschool Louisiana

Roger and Jan Smith hail from Louisiana.  They homeschooled their four children until college and it was an exciting journey that taught them home and family management, leadership, and community service.  Roger, a doctor, and Jan, who manages their farm and businesses, also serve in their church as mentors and teachers and are also on the board of their state homeschool organization.  Dr. Smith has a weekly video blog, “Parenting Matters Now,” and Jan hosts the podcast “A Woman and Her Home.”

Maureen Ball HeadshotMaureen Ball
Law Office of Maureen Ball

Maureen Ball graduated from Baylor Law School and began practicing law in Hidalgo County. She took a hiatus to homeschool her children through high school and relaunched her legal practice in 2012. Over the years, she has been involved in family law and CPS issues. In 2016, she began to serve as special legal counsel to THSC by providing consultations to members who want or need assistance in cases involving homeschooling.

Chris Branson HeadshotChris Branson
The Chris Branson Law Firm PLLC

Chris Branson is a solo-practice attorney who has fought—and won—in the trenches against Child Protective Services (CPS). Using the experience gained in those battles, he has prepared a presentation to arm attorneys and parents with the information that they need to keep CPS away from their children.

Linda Corson HeadshotLinda Corson
Teaching Cursive - This Method Works!

Linda Corson is a retired elementary school teacher. During 36 years of teaching cursive penmanship, she developed a highly successful method of instruction. At the urging of fellow teachers, principals and administrators, she formalized the method in a teacher’s manual. The book is used by homeschooling parents and private and public school systems. She holds cursive writing workshops for teachers. She also volunteers after school, mentoring at-risk students.

Laura Macfarlan HeadshotLaura Macfarlan
A Reason For

Laura Macfarlan and her husband Kevin devoted 20 years to homeschooling their four children. Those fabulous, frenzied years provide topics for her blogging at and equip her to encourage and mentor homeschool moms. You may connect with Laura through her non-profit organization, Cross My Heart Ministry. Her teaching is available at Laura’s passion is to encourage women to love God and His Word.

Adelaide Olguin HeadshotAdelaide Olguin

Adelaide Olguin has homeschooled her two boys on three continents with her husband. When Adelaide saw the lack of family language resources, she created TalkBox.Mom to help thousands of families start talking and understanding foreign languages within days. She and her husband started traveling the world when Adelaide realized that parents are the greatest language teachers, teaching babies to talk. She began learning and teaching her family languages she didn't know by following this pattern—with incredible results.


Bev Parrish HeadshotBev Parrish
Learn Your Way

Beverly Parrish is an educator and a mom of seven children. She began homeschooling them in 1990 and she’s still at it!  She has homeschooled not only her children, but others as well. She mentors new homeschool moms, tutors struggling students and is a speaker and encourager. Beverly is excited about delivering practical truths to families and relieving them from unnecessary burdens.  She is a licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator and enjoys reading and sailing with her family.

Debra Raybern HeadshotDebra Raybern
Sharing Great Health

Debra Raybern is a Christian Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Certified Nutritional Counselor, author, and speaker.  She has been sharing natural health solutions using plant-based remedies in conjunction with proper, body system-specific nutrition since 1992.

Jimmie Byler HeadshotJimmie Byler
The Kingdom Code

Jimmie Byler is the author of “The Kingdom Code: How to Make and Manage Money…God’s Way!” She graduated from Texas Tech University, created and operated several businesses and taught fourth grade. She is passionate about teaching money management, budgeting and entrepreneurship to kids while they are young. Her goal is to equip children with a foundation of life and money skills empowering them to be debt-free, self-sufficient adults—tomorrow’s godly leaders.


Tamatha Davis HeadshotTamantha Davis
Classical Conversations

Tamatha, helpmeet to her husband Michael for 24 years, has four amazing children and one granddaughter. She is a pastor’s wife, author and speaker. She wrote 40 Days to Freedom: A Woman’s Daily Devotional and is releasing another book this summer. Tamatha was a Classical Conversations area manager for seven years, launching over thirty communities for Classical Conversations throughout the Houston area. She works on their communications team and holds a bachelor’s degree in communications.


Brod Bagert HeadshotBrod Bagert
Southern Science Supply

Poet Brod Bagert is the award-winning author of 22 books of poetry for both children and adults. In 2018 he began publication of HeART of Science series—a science-based comprehensive collection of dramatic content literature—poems, plays and monologues. The first six of the eventual 20 books in the series are published, covering the areas of scientific inquiry, the human body, space, weather, earth science, and ecology and habitats.

Robert Logan HeadshotRobert Logan
ACE - Accelerated Christian Education

Robert (Bob) Logan has a heart for Christian education. He served as a Christian school supervisor and principal for 38 years and ran an after-school math and reading program for 15 years. He and his wife Donna have five grown children who graduated with an individualized Bible-based curriculum. Bob now serves as a ministry representative for Accelerated Christian Education—reaching the world for Christ one child at a time.

Daniel Fierer HeadshotDaniel Fierer
Patrick Henry College

Daniel Fierer graduated from Patrick Henry College (PHC) with a degree in economics and business analytics. He served as a resident assistant in his senior year, organized student events and worked as a teen camps counselor. He credits much of his spiritual growth in the past few years to the relationships he formed at PHC and to his church community. This fall, he will be studying philosophy and math at University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Ann Hamblin HeadshotAnn Hamblin
Step Up With Ann

An innovator devoted to enhancing educational opportunities through unique teaching strategies, Ann is passionate about helping others achieve educational success. Her love for learning and helping others learn has motivated her to develop mastery-based instructional materials and videos in the areas of math, grammar and an integrated reading and writing program. Ann is a tenured professor in developmental education with over 37 years of professional and academic instructional experience, ranging from public to post-secondary education.

Jim Woychuk HeadhshotJim Woychuck
Scripture Memory Fellowship

Jim serves as director of Scripture Memory Fellowship, an organization which offers camp as a Scripture memorization reward and promotes Scriptoriums—recitals of Bible books and chapters. His books include “Jesus Commands,” “Faithful Under Fire: Waldron and Torpedo 8 at Midway,” and “Whatever it Takes to Get Children to Memorize Scripture.” He holds degrees from Bryan College and Dallas Theological Seminary. Jim and his wife Susan are the parents of Faith (16), Jonathan (15) and Mary (8).

Deede Cauley HeadshotDeede Cauley
Real Reading Company

Deede Cauley is the creator of the highly successful curriculum Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple. In designing this reading series, she drew from her years of experience as an FBI special agent, teacher, professional counselor and homeschool mom, as well as her more than 30 years of research and experience teaching children, teens and adults. Through simple steps, her curriculum builds a large vocabulary and students who look forward to their reading time.

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center Main Lobby

1601 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77380

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel

The Woodlands Parking and Directions


Complimentary off-site parking
On-site parking, fee: $6 hourly, $22 daily
Valet parking fee: $26 daily

Parking Map

Make your Convention Experience Hassle-Free!

We want you to enjoy your entire Convention experience and that includes getting there and parking. Download a PDF version of parking options.

If you can’t find a place to park or you find yourself stuck in traffic, please consider these directions and options:

Due to the nearby events likely on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening, attendees arriving mid- to late-afternoon are encouraged NOT to exit on Woodlands Parkway, as traffic can become very congested there.

Parking Options

Town Center Parking Garage - FREE while space lasts
2002 Timberloch Place, The Woodlands

This is a shared garage and will likely fill to capacity. Please be courteous and proceed to an alternate parking option when this takes place.

Marriott Hotel Garage - $6/hour, $18/day
1601 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands

24 & 25 Waterway - $15‐25/day
24 Waterway Ave, The Woodlands

Phish Lot -  $15/day
At the cross of Six Pines & Lake Robbins

NOTE: Convention attendees are encouraged NOT to park in the Tinseltown or Mall parking lots as towing is enforced.

Special Offers

The Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park

Discount:  Buy One, Get One discount for the Docent-Guided Historic Buildings Tours (3 historic buildings and art gallery), available Thursday - Sunday. Attendees will need to call and make advance reservations to take advantage of the discount. Call: 713-655-1912, ext. 103

Houston CityPASS

Save 47% on admission to Houston’s top 5 attractions and skip most ticket lines with CityPASS tickets. Valid for nine days beginning with the first day of use. Cost: Adult, $62 (value $116); Child ages 3-11, $52 (value $88).

-- Space Center Houston General Admission, including Independence Plaza and NASA tram tour
-- Downtown Aquarium General Admission to Aquarium Adventure Exhibit (rides and games not included)
-- Houston Museum of Natural Science Exhibit Halls General Admission
-- Houston Zoo General Admission  – OR – Museum of Fine Arts, Houston General Admission
-- The Kemah Boardwalk Valid for All-Day Ride Pass (Stingray Reef, Boardwalk Beast and Iron Eagle not included) – OR -- Children’s Museum of Houston General Admission (Adults must be accompanied by a child.)

Houston Museum of Natural Science

-- Enjoy more than 60% off the general admission ticket at the Houston Museum of Natural Science with use of this coupon. Explore four floors worth of permanent exhibits such as the 30,000 square foot dinosaur hall, all new Wiess Energy Hall, Hall of Ancient Egypt, gems and minerals, and many more. Ticket cost is $10.00 per person with the coupon vs. $25.00 without. This coupon (code CPV-CCA) must be presented at the box office either printed or digitally shown on mobile device.
-- Enjoy more than 25% off admission into the Cockrell Butterfly Center. Walk through a living butterfly habitat, marvel at spectacular live and preserved specimens of some of the world’s largest and weirdest arthropods, and enjoy interactive games and quizzes. Ticket cost is $8.00 per person with coupon vs.$12.00 without. Coupon Code is CPV-CCA and must be presented at box office either printed or digitally shown.
-- Enjoy 40% off the Art of the Hunt Exhibit + General Admission ticket at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Ticket cost with coupon is $17.00 per person vs $30.00 full price. This coupon (code CPV-CCA) must be presented at the box office either printed or digitally shown on mobile device.
-- Back by Popular Demand! Enjoy 40% off the Death By Natural Causes Exhibition + General Admission ticket at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Ticket cost with coupon is $17.00 per person vs $30.00 full price. This coupon (code CPV-CCA) must be presented at the box office either printed or digitally shown on mobile device.

The Woodlands Area Attractions

Space Center Houston
With more than 400 things to see and do, including a variety of ever-changing exhibits, films and live shows, Space Center Houston is a must-do group destination. We invite you to experience space exploration through its exciting present, its dramatic history, and its compelling future, all of which is included with your Space Center Houston paid group admission ticket.

1940 Air Terminal Museum
The 1940 Air Terminal Museum is housed in the original art-deco Houston Municipal Airport building at present-day William P. Hobby Airport. The museum showcases the rich heritage of civil aviation, including the airlines, general aviation and business aviation. Exhibits include Houston’s fascinating aviation history.

Bayou Bend
Bayou Bend is the Museum of Fine Arts Houston house museum for American decorative arts and paintings. Displayed in the former home of Houston civic leader and philanthropist Ima Hogg (1882-1975), the collection is one of the finest showcases of American furnishings, silver, ceramics and paintings in the world. The house is situated on 14 acres of organically-maintained gardens in Houston’s historic River Oaks neighborhood.

Brazos Bend State Park
Looking for a “wild” experience? You will find it at Brazos Bend State Park, just 45 miles from downtown Houston! (Please note that some areas of this park are closed due to Hurricane Harvey damage. Please check their website for more information).

Children’s Museum of Houston
With 90,000 square feet of interactive exhibits, our all-inclusive admission ticket provides access to hundreds of activities, workshops, special performances and every exhibit at the top-rated Children’s Museum of Houston. Celebrate your child and make memories to last a lifetime with every visit!

Downtown Aquarium
Downtown Aquarium is the product of redeveloping two downtown Houston landmarks—Fire Station No. 1 and the Central Water Works building.

The Health Museum
In the heart of Houston, The Health Museum inspires passion and curiosity in health, the medical sciences and the human body. With over 2.5 million visitors, we are the most interactive and popular science learning center of its kind and a favorite among Houstonians.

The Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park
Tour authentically restored buildings that span the city’s history from before statehood to the oil boom of the early 20th century.

Houston Museum of Natural Science
As one of the most heavily attended museums in the United States and one of the most attended venues in Houston,

Houston Police Department Museum
The Houston Police Department Museum is located in the lobby of Houston Police Department headquarters and features unique displays and a memorial wall honoring the ultimate sacrifice made by those officers that gave their lives in the line of duty. There is no charge for the museum.

Houston Zoo
The Houston Zoo is a 55-acre zoological park located within Hermann Park in Houston.

Kemah Boardwalk
The Kemah Boardwalk is open daily, providing fun for everyone! Located just 20 miles from downtown Houston, the Kemah Boardwalk is home to fabulous waterfront restaurants, amusements, charming retail stores, festivals and seaside shows every day.

Shankz Black Light Miniature Golf
Unique glowing experience! Family fun!

Wet‘n’Wild SplashTown
Wet‘n’Wild SplashTown is a water park located north of Houston on I-45.